Meeting the Needs of the River

Lawson Marine is a new company but has its foundation in the vast experience of the pilot, owner/operator Jerry Lawson. Jerry and his dad, William E. Lawson, got their start in the tug business with Lewis & Lawson Harbor Service located in Clinton, Iowa, during the 60s and 70s, then selling in 1984. After which Jerry worked for many river terminals as an independent contractor in maintenance and repair. In 1994 we purchased and began operating Island City Harbor in Sabula, Iowa, and continue to do so today. We answered the need for a local tug service in Sabula and purchased a tug boat. The William E. Lawson has been operating since 2014. Lawson Marine continues to expand to meet the industrial needs of the river.

Lawson Marine is ready and capable of assisting any towboats or barge lines that navigate the Upper Mississippi River around mile 535. We have a long history of service for many different companies and are excited to continue that service through the next generation. Please call our offices for more information.